Welcoming Fall and Second Chances

Our family loves fall and everything that comes with it. This is a picture of my 21-month-old daughter and I apple picking at a local farm on an unusually warm fall day. My husband was also with us; you can can see the reflection of him taking our photo in my sunglasses! I was wearing her in my Ergo while she enjoyed munching on an apple without tripping over the scattered apples or the uneven terrain. My husband and I enjoyed taking photos and apple picking without losing sight of our curious little girl.

After using a linen ring sling all summer for my up-and-down toddler, we gave the Ergo a second chance this fall. I hadn’t been reaching for it because she preferred to be on my hip as opposed to my front and I was not comfortable getting her on my back. Recently, I thought our babywearing days were over because she would get frustrated if she was in the sling for too long. I dusted off the Ergo and gave back carries another shot. I found that now that she is older, she is more willing and even “helps” me get her on my back. She leans into me (instead of arching away) and even puts her arms around my neck as I scoot her from my hip to my back. Lately, she has thoroughly enjoyed being worn on my back!

When I wear her on my back, I am reminded of how quickly the days, months, and years pass by; we have both grown so much since that very first time I wore her in our Moby. I do miss the sweet snuggles, kisses, and running my fingers through the back of her hair. But, I love the little girl our baby is growing into. I love how she will gently pat me on the shoulder or sweetly kiss the back of my neck. And I love how this fall, I got a second chance at babywearing with our beloved Ergo!



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