Gaining Confidence as a New Mother

My name is Amanda and I am wearing my son, Garrett in a Moby wrap at Prospect Garden on a June evening (do not have an exact date or time). This photo was on our very first successful babywearing outing just after Garrett reached the recommended 8 pounds for the Moby wrap. I emphasize our first successful outing because being a new mom there is a high learning curve to pretty much everything, especially for someone like myself who did not have any experience with babies, so there were quite a few things I quickly realized did not come easily and needed much practice and dedication. Breastfeeding and babywearing being 2 things that were super important to me, and super challenging. My husband was with us that evening and I was so excited I made him take our photo! I may not look as excited as I was but you can chalk that up to new mom exhaustion, we were not getting more than 2 hours of sleep at a time by that point. Anyway, I digress, before I had my baby I did not know very much about babywearing, I didn’t even know babywearing was a “thing” but I knew about the Moby wrap and the Ergo carrier and I knew that I wanted to wear my baby everywhere! I stumbled across the Central New Jersey Babywearing group on Facebook after my son was born and closely followed every discussion, but was way too insecure to go to a meeting! I watched many youtube videos and spent many hours practicing in our apartment to be able to feel comfortable enough venturing out with our Moby completely stroller free! I was completely exhausted but so happy to be able to snuggle and hold my baby close on our outing! These outings have become very frequent as I realized how important it is as a new mom to get out of the house, for myself and my baby! I don’t know what made me first interested in babywearing but I can’t imagine life without it! I feel the closeness and bonding my son and I have developed has helped us to overcome nursing issues, as well as be able to run errands, enjoy the outdoors and a plethora of other benefits! I did eventually overcome my insecurities of being a new mom and a new babywearer and found that the other moms from the group are so nice and non judgmental and helpful! It truly has introduced me to a new world that I hope to share with my other friends as they become new mamas!



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