Double Up Babywearing Dad


My husband, Jeremy, is wearing our daughter Mackenzie (2 yrs 8 months) and our son Hunter (8 months). Also with them is his college friend Brenna and her son Jude.


New Hampshire, Mount Monadnock


Jeremy is wearing our son on the front in my all time favorite carrier, the Boba. We love how easy it is to get on and how comfortable both kids are in it. On the back he is using his favorite hiking backpack, a Phil and Teds.


September 29, 2013 – noonish


Jeremy wanted to give me a “mom day” (I stay home with the kids) so he thought he would go out with his friend Brenna and go for a hike. He was planning on wearing our 8 month old and have our 2 yr old walk. I sure am glad that I encouraged him to take the Boba too because of course she got tired and wanted to be carried too! What a great time in New Hampshire to leaf peep and enjoy the outdoors.

Becca Dobson and Jeremy Dobson



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