Banging On Drums & Twirling Around

This is me wearing my little guy, Harrison, and my daughter, Alexandra, who was almost three in this picture.


We are at one of Alexandra’s favorite places – Sally’s Music Circle! Alex adores her music class. Harrison is starting to love it too, but on this day he was too tired to enjoy it. On this day the nanny of one of the other children in the class was taking photographs and happened to snap this great one of us.


Dolcino Bali woven wrap, which has been our go-to for back carries this summer.

This was taken during music class in August of 2013.


During music class Harrison became fussy and wanted me to hold him. Alexandra was having a great time exploring all of the instruments and singing and dancing. She really wanted me to participate with her, but having the baby in my arms made it difficult to bang on drums and twirl her around the room. So up on my back he went, where he could observe the class and still have a place to rest his tired little head. Happy baby + happy toddler = happy mama!



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