Babywearing Saves the Day!

My 8 mos old son was snuggled on my back and my 2.5 year old daughter on my front. Our two bags, suitcase, and car seat took up almost as much space as the three of us combined.

We’re standing at the drop off lane, about to head into the airport.

I’m using a Didymos blue/white pfau size 4 (favorite wrap, most versatile size) with my daughter’s Bloo Kangaroo XT over it.

About 5am, ready to catch our flight.

I babywear for a million reasons, starting and ending with the fact that it makes my life easy (or in this case, manageable). At this particular moment, about to get on a cross country flight to our new home by myself (my husband drove), I don’t know how I would have managed my huge heap of carry-on luggage plus two kids without babywearing. Carrying 50 lbs of babies through three airports earned me a few turned heads, but I can’t think of any easier alternative.



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