6 month old “Expert Snuggler” ;)

This is me (Jill) and baby Molly Rose 🙂 she is a 6 month expert
snuggler who cuddled her entire trip into NYC on NJ transit, much to
the pleasure of all the commuters that morning as well as her mom, Dad
and big sister Eleanor who were also along for the ride 🙂 the slept
the whole way home too, but after a sweaty day in the city, that
picture wasn’t as pretty 🙂

Penn station, NJ transit, North Jersey Coast Line.

This is a well worn Maya Wrap, broken in by Molly’s big sister
Eleanor. I heart my sling and during that trip alone I was happy to
sing its praises to 3 other parents who were curious 🙂

Monday, August 12th

We were on our way into the city to see friends we had not seen in 4
years, and were going to walk the high line….we were trying to be as
streamlined as possible 🙂



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