Mama and her baby. Oh and Foxy too.

Who: Mama and her baby. Oh and Foxy too. Foxy usually sleeps with my son so it was special for him to join us that day. We were with a beautiful group of babywearing mamas and babies who were joining together to capture some beautiful moments and raise money for our local BWI group.

Where: A local township park that we frequent. Often my son wants to run from the car to the playground but today he wanted to stay close to mama, maybe because it was a busy day in the park.

When: August 2013 around 10am

Why: We were mostly babywearing in that moment so we could have our picture taken. I always let my son choose when he wants to be carried. When he was a baby, that was all the time. Now that he is 20 months it is a lot less. I cherish the moments, long and short that he wants to spend snuggled up in our little nest because they are less and less frequent. I was grateful that we were on the same page that day, in that moment and that he wanted to be worn so that I will have this picture forever to cherish.


Photo courtesy of Autumn Eve Rishty of Rishty Photography.


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