Introducing the Kaufman Family, sailing around the world with 2 young daughters!

Charlotte and Eric Kaufman are sailing around the world on a 36′ ft sailboat with their two young daughters. How amazing is that?! Cora is 3 years old and Lyra is 7 months old. Their adventurous spirit inspires me to my core; how about you?!

They are currently waiting out hurricane season in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, and will be crossing Pacific Ocean this spring to spend nine months sailing through the South Pacific. After the South Pacific they’ll sail to New Zealand and moor their boat their to regroup before the next portion of their journey.

Over the next while, The Kaufmans are going to update the Where We Wear community on their adventures, specifically featuring the ways in which babywearing plays a role in their lives.

Please help me welcome them to the WWW family!

For this first picture in the Kaufman Family traveling series:

Who: Me (Charlotte) and my then 2 month old, (Lyra)

When: April 18, 2013

Where: The largest grocery store in San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico

What: I’m wearing Lyra in a Tula Wrap Conversion Baby Carrier. The wrap is a Girasol Sustain.bow in the crema weft.

Why: We currently live on our sailboat and are cruising around Mexico. We’ll be crossing the Pacific ocean to the South Pacific in February.


If you are interested in following the Kaufmans on their amazing adventure, you can check out their blogs:

Charlotte’s Blog:

Eric’s Blog:

Charlotte is also the Founder of Red Charlotte, an awesome shop for all of your babywearing accessory needs.

And how cool is this… Eric wrote a book. You can take a look at it here: Unauthorized Guide to Sailing in Mexico


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Kaufman Family, sailing around the world with 2 young daughters!

  1. What an adventure! Your children will have quite a story to tell their grandchildren one day (that is, if the Lord tarries). Happy Sails to you!

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