Souvenir Shopping in Bay Village, Long Beach Island

Who: Autumn (mama) and Ivy (9-month-old sweetie)

Where: Bay Village, Long Beach Island

What: We were on vacation at the beach and were doing some shopping in town. In this particular photo, we are in a souvenir shop that was on a second floor, only accessible by steps. I ended up buying this fun green hat, which matches my Natibaby Izer woven wrap in green (my favorite color!!!)

When: September 11, 2013, 2pm

Why: If Ivy were in a stroller, we wouldn’t have made it into this shop since it was on the second floor, and only accessible by stairs. We were in an unfamiliar place, so babywearing helped Ivy to feel secure and get a good look at the fun, new surroundings. Wearing also made it very easy for me to get around without too much bulk and with my hands free!

PS – Happy Birthday Autumn!!! ❤ Lizzy



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