Cozy Cuddles in the Early Evening Before Sunset

This is a picture of myself and my son. ❤

I am a young mother, 18 when I became pregnant. This is my 2 year old son Noah John and I on a walk with my fiance, father of our next son and an amazing father figure to my first son. It was beautiful that day and we stopped to take a picture.

We are in our neighborhood. 🙂 This was my last time wearing my son in the FWCC, our favorite carry. Since becoming more pregnant it hasn’t been comfortable for us and I got to soak up the cuddles with my toddler. 🙂

We are using a Didymos size 6 color grown indio, our first ever wrap! It got us through our wearing career with my little one. It was a nice sweaty walk with him and he really enjoyed it as you can tell from the picture! My mamas boy who loves me so, and I love him. My favorite thing about baby wearing is the amazing feeling of closeness with my child. Him hugging me for this picture just describes it all.

This was taken May 31st in the early evening before sunset.

We were babywearing for the closeness and I just love to wear. My son enjoys it so much more then the stroller. 🙂



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