Hiking at High Falls Gorge in the Adirondacks

2. Who: This picture is a photo taken of me with my six and two-and-a-half year old daughters. My husband took the picture.

3. Where:
We were on a wonderful family vacation in the Adirondacks and visiting High Falls Gorge.

4. What:
We were having a great time walking the paths in and around the gorge, and my girls were fascinated by this tree that was growing out of the gorge wall. I would usually reach for a soft structured carrier when hiking with my toddler, but I was about 18 weeks pregnant at the time and I couldn’t get them comfortable on my belly. Instead I was using a 3.5 meter Storchenwiege woven wrap to carry my toddler. It is super sturdy and supportive, and I got it for a great deal from a very sweet person on one of the resale boards. It can also double as a picnic blanket, sun shade, beach towel, etc. and I believe it cost me $60 šŸ™‚

5. When:
This picture was taken in the early afternoon on August 16, 2013.

6. Why:
It was getting later in the day and my toddler was tired from a long week of vacation. We really wanted to take one more loop around the gorge before we left so carrying her was the easiest option šŸ™‚ The paths were very safe with fences and railings, but there were a lot of stairs and it was much easier for me to have her on my back than carry her in arms.



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