DIY Babywearing in Malaysia

I am a mother who is carrying a 15-month old curious toddler.

I’ve not been out shopping for some time, because of her naptimes, but I decided to brave today, and my daughter slept in this wrap!

It is my DIY wrap. 100% cotton, 6m long (to cater to my 6 feet plus husband!), 20 inches wide (yes a bit narrow, but mine is a toddler with good head and back control), joined in the middle (yes, I SHOULD NOT, but this was before I knew that, and I sew pretty well, so I did french seam with reinforced sewing), and added a pocket (in brown) to stuff hankies (and also to reinforce the joint, and acts as my middle marker).

This wrap was made in desperation when my arms were aching from a growing toddler, and I wanted to try using a wrap with the least investment.

I had a few days off work, so it’s time to enjoy!

My daughter hates the stroller! She jumps out of it after 30 minutes, and this wrap solves that problem. =)



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