“That’s how she knows I’m her mommy… we have the same song in our hearts.”

This is a photo taken in valley forge national park. We were there for a group photo for our babywearing group, BWI Southeastern PA. Even though the pic was just one snapped with my phone, its one of my favorites! Nothing warms my heart more than when my 3 (almost 4) year old says “when I grow up I’m going to be a mommy just like you!”. Every time I hear that, it makes me want to be a better mom. I don’t hide any aspect of my parenting… I think it’s healthy for her to see modeled. I nurse her brother, babywear, admire my stretch marks, pump, celebrate small victories, and problem solve all in front of her. I hope I’m instilling positive mommy vibes in her. When she asked for her own pump (a different post for another time/place), or nurses her baby dolls, it gives me the sense she sees breastfeeding as the norm (yes, even when she asks her preschool friends if they nurse or would like her to nurse them… Oy vey, that’s an awkward parent/teacher conversation!). But a moment that was most heartwarming was when she asked for her own carrier for her beloved baby doll, “flower”. When I asked why she said “so my baby can hear my heartbeat. Thats how she knows I’m her mommy… we have the same song in our hearts”. It got me all choked up. It showed me that just like I want her to be taught positive parenting from me, I too have lots to learn about positive parenting from her.



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