Lighthouse Climbing

Who: Mama Autumn and baby girl Ivy, 9 months old! Daddy Ray was also there, being our fantastic photographer and cheerleader. He helped Autumn to feel a little less nervous about having Ivy at this height. 🙂

Where: At the top of Barnegat Lighthouse in Long Beach Island, NJ

What: We climbed up 217 steps to get to the top of this gorgeous lighthouse and to see the amazing view from the top! It was great exercise, a fun family outing, and a great way to spend an afternoon. I’m using a Natibaby Izer woven wrap, cotton/linen blend.

When: September 13, 2013, around 1:30pm.

Why: Because there’s no way to push a stroller up 217 steps, and no way I’d be able to carry a baby in my arms while holding onto the railing, either! Also, once at the top I was a wee bit scared of dropping her, but having her tightly secured in the wrap eased my fears. I am so glad that babywearing allowed us to go on this fun adventure as a family! Without it, I definitely would have had to pass on this opportunity.



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