How happy her Pink Dragons made her on a rough day…

I’m Rachel, and this is me wearing my 3 year old daughter…who was sick with a fever and just wanted some big-girl-front-carry snuggles.

We’re standing in my dining room, heading toward the couch in the living room for some wrapping and resting!

I have her wrapped up in a FWCC at 3 years old (no back carries for the sick kiddo that day!) in the wrap she requested for having finally learned to use the potty. I’ll never forget ordering that wrap for her. It wasn’t my taste, really, but she came in to the room where I was sitting at the computer one day and saw me scanning some babywearing pictures on Dragons Antara caught her eye and she exclaimed, “OOOH! Pink Dragons! Mommy! Can I have that wrap when I use the potty!!??” Scary thing about having only one child to carry who is in preschool…SHE starts having ISOs. 😉

I’ve since tried to sell/trade that wrap about a dozen times since we’re not using it so much anymore, but this picture always comes to mind and how my big girl snuggles made this wrap a keeper. Now we have the new little squish, and I’m really enjoying all of the different carriers I can use with her, but I’m not going to forget when my first daughter was my only wrappee for 4 years!, and how happy her Pink Dragons made her on a rough day.



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