Searching for Treasures at the Local Salvation Army

One of our favorite little local walks is stopping by Salvation Army Thrift to search for treasures. Recently Ellie has been setting up her blocks and other toys on our bottom step, so I went looking for a small wood table or stool; I’m also always on the hunt for silk scarves (as opposed to paying through the nose for multicolored “Waldorf play silks”).

We had a nice walk there and made two great scores for a total of $6! We found a very sturdy little wood table that looks like it belonged to a child named Andrew. I’m going to enjoy covering the top (I love a good DIY project) to make it a table for an awesome kid named Eleanor. =)

We also found this really cool wooden Chinese dollhouse (there are Chinese characters on “wall hangings” inside!) It’s going to go into the basement for now, but I can’t wait to pull it out as Ellie’s first dollhouse when she’s ready! I probably looked silly walking home carrying our treasures with a baby on my back but, hey, that’s what we Babywearing folk do. 😉




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