“She was a mess, so I grabbed the good ol’ ergo.”

My name is Kim and we just got back from our FIRST ever family vacation. I was with my husband, three kids, my parents, my Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and some family friends. At this time I was with my hubs, and my three kiddos. This photo is of myself and Baby Madison (5 months).

We are in Bishop, Ca at the Creekside RV Park. An ideal location for a fun and small little getaway.

In this photo we are using our original ergo. This ergo originally belonged to my now 24 month old, but has been a favorite of our little princess. We were getting ready to go on a family walk around the campgrounds and Madison was a tad fussy.

This photo was taken on July 25, 2013 in the mid afternoon.

My 24 month old was ready some fresh air after being in the car for 5 hours, and Madison was as well. She just cut her first tooth on the drive out and it was clear she wanted to be close. She was a mess, so I grabbed the good ol’ ergo. She was fast asleep within 5 minutes. :0)



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