Visiting a Masai village in Tanzania

Who: my name is Meghan and my daughter Amani is 12 months old in this photo. We are visiting a Masai village in Tanzania on our way out to a two day safari. Pictured are the women from the village who presented me with necklaces, dance and praises of mtoto mzuri, or beautiful baby.

Where: outside Arusha, Tanzania on our way to Ngurdoto Crater

What: We are using a ring sling because Amani was learning how to walk and liked to get down to practice. It’s made from a didymos woven wrap. It was perfect for Africa – the colors, the coolness and kept baby close for cuddles. The women in the village all wore their babies on their backs and I was able to easily swing Amani onto mine too. I was feeling happy and content and amazed to share in this incredible experience.

When: June 26, 9:00 am local time

Why: There are NO strollers in Africa. I was babywearing because it was safe and comfortable. It was a mode of transportation and a way to keep baby calm. I babywear here at home in the states because I love being close to Amani and knowing she can look at all the neat things I can see. 🙂





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