Breastfeeding in the Ring Sling <3

Who: Me (Jenda Hardy) & (Georgia Hardy) My daughter who is 5 months old

Where: Visser Farm in Zeeland, MI

When: Tuesday June 14th 2013

Why: I knew it was going to be hot and we were going to be on the farm picking strawberries for a festival. I decided to bring the wrap just in case because my daughter can get a little antsty in her carseat. I don’t blame her in hot weather; it’s no fun being sweaty and confined. She is so curious (we call her Curious George) and loves to look at people and things. I also brought my stroller which we used for toting all our bags and strawberries around anyway. I wore her the whole time and she loved it. Also my little brother ended up wearing her as well. It was not so hot wearing her in our Natibaby Savanna ring sling. She became hungry about 2 hrs into our festivities so I decided what the hey I haven’t tried to breastfeed in the sling before let’s give it a go. It worked; she latched on perfectly with little help from me and we started feeding while everyone went about their business. My little sister decided to snap this photo of me and Georgia while I was adjusting her a bit. I will forever cherish this photo and I can’t wait to for Georgia to look back at it and cherish it as well.

Credit for the photograph goes back to my sister:!/pages/FeliciaHolland-Photography/143264572359943?fref=ts



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