The very top of Skellig Michael, a rocky little island off the coast of South-West Ireland

1. Who: I am Alix, my husband is Mike, and our son is Abraham. We are from New Jersey, but this picture was taken while on the first part of our trip to Ireland. We were accompanied by two other friends, not pictured here, for the first week of our trip.

2. Where: We are at the very top of Skellig Michael, a rocky little island off the coast of South-West Ireland. This is a remote World Heritage site that was one of the earliest monastic sites in Ireland. The monks carved out 618 steps out of the rock up to the top, where they built little stone huts. We had just climbed over 600 ft to the top — I wore Abe on my front halfway up the steps, and then we switched him to my husband’s back.

3. What: We were using our sport Ergo. I felt very secure with the baby in this carrier, which was comforting, as it was a completely sheer drop down to the Atlantic Ocean! It was exciting and breathtaking and a little bit frightening — especially as we had just taken a 45 minute boat ride in a tiny fishing boat over some rough water to get here. (Baby wearing also allowed me to nurse while we were on the boat).

4. When: July, 2012

5. Why: We were babywearing at this moment because it was the only way we could possibly navigate this adventure with a four-month-old infant! We had already been planning the trip when we found out I was pregnant. Many people thought we were crazy, but we decided to go ahead anyway. We baby wear for many reasons, but one of our favorites is that it has allowed us to introduce our son to some of our favorite experiences — the outdoors, hiking and climbing, and traveling — in a safe way, from a very young age.



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