Making Memories with Daddy Before He Leaves for Afghanistan <3

Who… This is my husband, Jimmy, and my son, Gabe (about 8 months in this picture), about to take the .82 mile walk to the end of our driveway to get the garbage can. He’s currently serving his third tour, this time in Afghanistan, with the Army. He’s been gone since New Year’s and will (hopefully) return sometime in October.

What… I know this is a Graco product but besides that I’m not really sure.

When/where/why… When Jimmy would take the trash out or bring it back or do other little things that he needed both hands for, we strapped Gabe on. We were living in Oklahoma at the time, but with Jimmy being in the Army, we had reason to believe that a deployment was coming. Knowing that there would be a time in the very near future that Gabe would not have the opportunity to see his Daddy for at least 10 months, we tried to make every moment as daddy/gabe involved as we possibly could. Even if it was something as simple as getting the mail, if Jimmy was home, we wanted him making memories with Gabe.



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