Carrying Jonathan – A Poet’s Story


Your name means,
“Gift from God.”

I struggle to find words
To what I feel for you,
My son.

I don’t think you will ever
Fully know
The extent to which
You are adored.

But know this-
I will protect you with
My fiercest fist,
The pointiest of tongue and flame.

I will sacrifice any comfort
To meet your needs…
Showers, sleep.

I will come running when
You cry my name,
Gather you in my arms
And kiss away any tear.

I realize now that
All these lessons kept
In my tool chest
Have been to parent you,
My dear.

My hope for you is that
You find your passion
And hold on tight,
Surround yourself with music
And kindness…

And try not to become a poet
Like your Mommy.

Here with you now,
I watch your violet,
Wonder-filled eyes
Take in the miracles
Of this world
As you begin the procession
Of firsts.

I know you’re in a hurry.

But I will carry you for a time
In my arms,
On my back,
On my shoulders,
Here on and in my chest.

And, yes, it is true
What they say:

You will never know how much
You can love and fear
Until you are a parent.

I think I understand (kind of)
The love God so had for
The world
To give us
His son.

You, my love, are most attracted to
Because that is
Where you come from…

You are
My gift from God,

– Stephanie Morehead, poet



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