Wrapping… with an Audience!

I’m a first time mom, gaining more confidence in babywearing day by day. In this photo, my sleepy Joey is 4.5 months old. Daddy is happily taking this picture of us.

We are at the store, getting our weekly shopping done together.

This was our first day borrowing this Girasol Harvest Rainbow, from a super sweet local mama who was selling it. We decided to give it a try after eating dinner at a casual restaurant next door. When I had planned on wrapping, there was no one in our little corner, but, of course as we were getting ready to wrap, a few people came in and sat down. This was my first time wrapping with an audience, and we even stopped one woman in her tracks! It made me feel really good to be able to wrap more in public then the parking lot, and needing to use a mirror less and less. We decided a few weeks later to go through with purchasing, making this our very first wrap!

The evening of May 1, 2013.

I was wearing Joey on this day to help make our shopping trip go smoother, in hopes he would fall asleep. (Which you can see he did.) It was around this time he started to very much protest being in his infant car seat, and we had started using it with the stroller less and less. I know that even if he fusses, it is still less then he would not being worn, and that we both benefit from the feeling of closeness we get from babywearing. I love being able to hold him close, let him see the world, fall asleep with mommy, and be comforted in this way.

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