Quick and Easy Carrying in a Homemade Half Buckle

Heather K and Sir Levi

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford CT

This time we were going in just for bloodwork but we have been visiting the children’s hospital since he was a newborn. He has several medical conditions including FPIES (food protien induced entercolitis syndrome which is like delayed food allergies) Autism, and had a Chiari Malformation decompression surgery last August (part of his brain was sitting in his spinal column).

Homemade half buckle carrier

I needed to babywear because he was so sick as an infant but couldnt afford a “real carrier” so I started making them after he outgrew his Moby. I use a DIY linen wrap, a dyed osnaburg ringsling, and made several half buckles, this one being preschool sized and have made several mei tais for family members.

May 22, 2013 @ 11am

It is much easier to throw him on my back for a quick appointment than it is to take out the stroller. Also, I always get questions from curious parents while I’m there!



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