Trekking Around Israel for a Month – Babywearing Style!

Babywearing in Israel

My name is Britney Williams and my husband, Jay, and I just got back from a one month trip to Israel with our two kids. Isaac is twenty-one months old, and Aliya is six months old. During our trip, Jay wore Isaac in an Ergo, and I wore Aliya in an
AngelPack. We hiked, shopped, waded, rode the bus and the train, all while wearing our sweet kiddos.

Everywhere we went, people were amazed that we had brought two kids on such a huge trip. It was tough, but I honestly don’t know how we would have done it without our carriers. There is a real need in Israel for education on babywearing, I saw many potentially dangerous carriers and wraps while there. It makes me even more passionate about sharing the awesome gift of babywearing with families everywhere.

We babywear for so many reasons, but I think this trip was about necessity. It allowed us to go and do amazing things, to share these things with our kids, without stressing and exhausting everyone. Our carriers are such a blessing!




2 thoughts on “Trekking Around Israel for a Month – Babywearing Style!

  1. What a neat trip! Britney, if you have time would you shoot me an email? We are taking a trip to Israel in December with our son who will just be 1. I would live to ask you some questions!! Thanks!

  2. I live in Israel and absolutely agree that there is a real need for education re babywearing. Babywearing in a stretchy wrap is common here with newborns, but it’s very common to see it done in very unsafe manners. Beyond the newborn stage, babywearing is not so common here, but when it’s done its very often done with unsafe or uncomfortable carriers. it’s no wonder then that almost on a daily basis i get comments from neighbors/acquaintances about how surprised they are that I still babywear — most people don’t get how comfortable/easy/special it is to keep my kids close, but I hope i set a good example and expose people to better options.

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