The Babywearing Mommy Soundtrack

Kara: First-time mom. Working mom. Graphic designer. Grocery shopper.
Henry: Mommy’s best friend. Happy 4-month old. Loves to look at lights and be close to mom.

Grocery store, buying what we need for breakfast-for-dinner that evening. More specifically, in the dairy aisle.

Henry is being carried in my first Mother’s Day present from my husband: a Tula carrier. The gray, yellow, and white matches Henry’s nursery, and I fell in love with it at first sight. Henry loves being carried, mainly so he can look around and check out all of the lights. While carrying him, I talk and sing to him. Perhaps I get funny stares when I do this, since he is only 4-months old, but I never notice. That would require me looking somewhere else other than my baby boy. Henry gets lots of kisses on the top of his head when he’s being carried. And also lots of butt pats. And his soundtrack is mommy’s subpar, but well-intentioned, singing.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013. 6:00 p.m. (after work, after daycare)

I was babywearing for multiple reasons this day:
1) Grocery shopping is easier when babywearing.
2) I missed my baby boy all day long, and since we had errands to run after work/daycare and couldn’t go home and play, I wanted him close to me.
3) I wanted to use my Mother’s Day gift 🙂



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