From City Buses to the Grocery Store, Babywearing Four Babies!

Who: Hi I am Jackie and I’m 32. I am wearing baby number 4 Kenneth, who is 2 months old. My other kids are Corwyn 14, Fiona 12, and Isabelle 5.

Where: At the grocery store doing our bi weekly shopping the store we use has veggie sales on Wednesday and meat on Thursday.

What: Freehand Mei Tai that has extra sleepiness built in!

When: 5/14/13

Why: I started wearing my kids when my oldest was a baby. At 17 I didn’t have a car and trying to carry a carseat or stroller on city buses was a hassle. I quickly found how he would sleep and snuggle in it. I have over the last 14 years learned more and do more but am still learning wraps. I used a Moby with my 5 year old and so want to learn how to wrap this peanut too!



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