Climbing Wall Babywearing

In this picture, I am wearing my three month old baby and assisting my 4 year old daughter.

We were at a local playground when my father-in-law took this photograph.

I was using a thin cotton woven wrap on that hot day! It made it possible for my infant and me to both be comfortable.

June 18, 2011 in the morning.

This day, like so many others, I was babywearing so I could meet the needs of both of my children. My preschooler needed to get out, run around, and try new things at the playground. My baby needed to be with mama and, at this particular moment, catch a nap. I suppose I could have let my father-in-law help Eliza with her first attempts at the climbing wall, but she wanted me and it was important to still be present and available to her even though I was now responsible for a tiny infant as well. I found that babywearing was just as essential for my older daughter as it was for the baby and me!



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