Daphne and Her Pet Rock <3

Babywearing Story 50/365

I am a mother of 3. This is my middle child, Daphne, wearing her new-found pet rock, while I’m wearing the baby asleep on my back.

We’re walking around in a park by the girls’ school while my oldest daughter is in her dance class.

My daughter is wearing a BBSlen Papaya ring sling.

This was in October 2011, when my daughter was 4-years-old.

My daughter Daphne loves to collect rocks and I always discover pocketfuls of them when I go to do laundry. On this day, she spotted a big rock that she just had to carry around with her. I told her that I couldn’t carry it and that she would have to do it. After it started getting heavy and she started dropping it, I went to the car and grabbed my ring sling that I always keep in there. She was quite happy to be able to carry around her beloved rock. She took it home and washed it and painted it and decorated it.



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