Easter Babywearing

This is my 39th installment of Babywearing Stories 365. Each installment features a babywearer in 1 photograph and their answers to 5 questions. My goal is to normalize, promote and celebrate daily Babywearing, moving beyond *what* we use to carry our babies and shifting focus back on *why* and *where* we carry. I hope to share the stories of moms, dads, and babywearing caregivers all over the world. Enjoy!

Babywearing Story 39/365

I’m Autumn, a 28 year old stay-at-home mommy to 4-month-old Ivy, who is pictured in the photo. We live in Downingtown, PA where I’m starting a photography business on the side. We were with her daddy, Ray, who took the picture, as well as all of his extended family. Ivy’s grandparents and great-grandparents were there, as well as her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

We were at my sister-in-law’s house in Mechanicsburg, PA to celebrate Easter with the family. This was the first time Ivy had traveled out there since birth, so it was exciting for us and her, but also a bit overwhelming and exhausting. We were somewhat apprehensive about how she would do in this unfamiliar setting.

I am using a green Natibaby Izer woven wrap. The family had golf on, were having the kids go outside for an egg hunt, we were eating LOTS of food, taking many pictures, and generally hanging out and visiting. I was feeling great because Ivy was really “performing” for everyone in the morning with big smiles and happy coos. By this point in the afternoon, though, I could tell she was getting a little bit overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle, so I wanted to keep her close.

March 30, 2013; 2:00pm. Ivy’s first Easter! (or rather, the Saturday before her first Easter)

I babywear at home and when I’m out and about all the time, both for the convenience of having my hands free, and for the snuggles and bonding time with little one. Ivy has always liked being wrapped (we started using a Moby soon after she was born), and we discovered that it was a magical sleep-inducing trick! Ever since then, we pretty much wrap her every night about half an hour before bedtime to help her calm down and be ready for sleep. I’ve even had the opportunity to help 2 sets of friends move out of their apartments while babywearing- she slept the whole time I was carrying boxes! We also put her in the wrap when she’s upset because, nine times out of ten, it will calm her down from whatever is bothering her. As she’s gotten bigger and heavier, we’ve transitioned to the woven wrap for more support.

In this particular instance of babywearing, Ivy had been in the car for a few hours that morning, had been passed around, cooed at, played with, and admired by over a dozen relatives. She was a trooper through the whole thing and seemed to enjoy the attention, but I could tell she was getting a little overwhelmed by all of the activity. After nursing, she seemed a little “off”, so I put her in the wrap. This helped her calm down right away, and she was able to watch what was going on around her from a safe, familiar, and secure spot. Within a few minutes, though, she was totally zonked (Photo taken pre-zonking). Everyone admired how well behaved she was in the wrap and how she slept (I was even able to eat my Easter dinner uninterrupted while she slept! Major score for a mother of a 4-month old!) As always with babywearing, I get lots of questions from people, and I’m always happy to answer them with all of the positive experiences I’ve had while Babywearing!

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