The “Successful Backwrapping” Happy Dance ;)

This is my 16th installment of Babywearing Stories 365. Each installment features a babywearer in 1 photograph and their answers to 5 questions. My goal is to normalize, promote and celebrate daily Babywearing, moving beyond *what* we use to carry our babies and shifting focus back on *why* and *where* we carry. I hope to share the stories of moms, dads, and babywearing caregivers all over the world. Enjoy!

Babywearing Story 16/365

This is my daughter Daphne and I in our very first successful rucksack using our first woven wrap. I’m a 19 year old single stay at home mother who tends to air towards the side of crunchy.

This was taken in my bedroom, I was so nervous that I would only wrap while on my knees surrounded by pillows. I figured if she wiggled away, at least it wouldn’t be a far trip down and she’d land on something soft.

It was my 10th or so attempt and back wrapping, my previous experiences weren’t so great. I was using a brand new Stochenwiege Leo Bordeaux in a size 7 and I was so lost in all of the fabric. I had a nervous baby who would spit up over my shoulder almost every time as well as straighten her legs(a problem we still battle). I figured a rucksack carry would be manageable and decided to be brave and give it a go. I braided my hair so she wouldn’t get her hands tangled and pull my hair which she thinks is soooooooo funny, I put the pillows down and I put a DVD of Eddie Vedder(lead singer of Pearl Jam) singing on the TV. I really believe this was the secret to our success, she is so enamoured of him and watches in awe when he sings so she was much more patient with me. I was nervous, my arms were tired and I was so afraid that she’d get bored and try to roll away, but we made it. I snugged up, tied the knot and stood up to check my work in the mirror and to my amazement it looked right! Knees above bum, great seat, nice and snug! I think I might have frightened Daphne with my excitement lol. I took about 40 pictures, called my mom, did a little happy dance and then we went for a walk around the neighborhood so I could show off my perfect ruck!

That picture was taken January 17th around mid morning, Daphne was 5 months old.

Why was I babywearing? I had recently discovered the world of babywearing, I was so in love with the beautiful wrap jobs and the ease that women would toss a child onto their back and with a quick wrap here and a knot there, they had a happy baby and a hands free solution.(not to mention some great cuddle time) I had saved up for my storch and was so excited to wear my daughter on my back while I did chores and ran errands. I had easily mastered a front wrap from my Moby days, but back wraps weren’t immediate love as I had thought they would be. I woke up that morning determined to succeed and we did! Now, exactly 2months later from the day I took that picture, I wear Daphne every day for a good part of the day. Up on my back is her favorite place to be and there is nowhere else i’d rather have her be. I really feel like babywearing has brought us closer and has made my life easier as a single mother. I wouldn’t give it up for the world.



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